New EDM Wire Eroder!

New 80 Tonne Borche Machine!

Having phenomenal demand into our plastic moulding services we’ve expanded our machinery range with a brand new 80 Tonne Press.

See images below of its new home within our Tool Room!


New Borche 260 Tonne Machine

New Machinery!

Newark Tools and Advanced Technical Plastic Mouldings are proud to present the newest technology in plastic moulding machinery. Our plant has been upgraded with a 500 Tonne Borche plastic moulding machine which allows us to create parts much larger and more complicated than before as well as being much more electrically efficient reducing our environmental footprint.

The new machinery was made specifically for our company and took over 6 months to be built, tested and shipped to our premises in Brownhills!

We have also taken stock of a 80 Tonne Borche machine that is also much more efficient in creating mouldings and in use of electricity to allow us to make your products at a rapid pace.

See below some images of the new machine and also the unloading process which was at the least to say very frightening.


Advanced Mouldings Moves To New Premises

Newark Tools is proud to present it’s sister molding company “Advanced Technical Plastic Moulding” has moved premises to Coppice Side Industrial Estate.

The new premises has been completely renovated to a modern space ready for precision moulding. The new space has been fitted with a crane to allow quicker turn around with production.

A.T.P.M is located behind Newark Tools to allow for a tool room straight to moulding press approach.

With space for tooling to be stored, we have space for jobs small and large.

Contact David Clark at 01543 454600 for more information on tooling prices and moulding prices.

Photos of the renovation process below ;


Newark Tools now offers Plastic Injection Moulding services

Newark Tools is proud to announce it’s continued investment over the last 6 years, in the latest hi tech Plastic Injection Moulding machinery enabling us to offer a high quality, professional service in precision toolmaking including Plastic Mould and Diecast Tools and also Plastic Injection Moulding.

This addition to our services has the potential to streamline our client’s manufacturing operations, allowing  us to provide the tooling  and manufacture of their products under the one roof.

We offer a highly flexible Plastic Injection Moulding service, catering for large and small volumes using a variety of materials and the ability to manufacture a wide selection of components.

If you would like us to submit a quotation, or need any other friendly and helpful advice, please contact Dave Clark on 01543 454600