Exciting News! We’ve Just Unboxed Our Brand New Wire EDM Machine!

At Newark Tools LTD, we’re constantly striving to push the boundaries of precision engineering, and today marks a significant leap forward in our capabilities.

What is Wire EDM, you ask? It’s a cutting-edge technology that allows us to shape and form metals with remarkable precision. By using electrical discharges, we can achieve intricate, complex, and ultra-precise cuts, which means superior quality for our customers!

How Will This Benefit You?

Unparalleled Precision: Our new Wire EDM machine ensures minuscule tolerances and superior finish, providing you with parts of the highest quality.

Reduced Lead Times: Thanks to its cutting-edge capabilities, we’ll be able to deliver your orders faster than ever before.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Enhanced efficiency means we can offer competitive prices while maintaining our renowned quality.

If you have any questions or want to explore how this new addition can benefit your projects, feel free to reach out. We can’t wait to collaborate with you and take your projects to new heights!

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